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           Bluetooth speaker tipe CM022 berbentuk lonjong tersedia dalam empat pilihan warna: putih, merah marun, biru dan hijau. Cocok untuk merchandise unik dan kreatif untuk souvenir event bertema anak muda. 
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Bluetooth speaker CM 022. Available in four colors: white, maroon, blue and green
For those of you who are involved in the tourism industry or the creative industries of this gadget can also be used as souvenirs for clients and customers of your company. For the manager of the school's public speaking prize distributed to new students fit your education instituted. Cool shape, fitting function. Listen to music or receive phone can be done with this. Equipped with TF and micro SD card. As shown picture beside bluetooth speaker ordered by BEKRAF (Agency Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia), Jakarta. 
Bluetooth speaker untuk souvenir perusahaan dan instansi: bluetooth : v2.1
working distance : 10m
voltage : dc 5v
battery charging time : 2H
- International advnced bluetooth chip and circuit design techniques, support all bluetooth devices.
- With FM function, you can search radio station bradcast automatically.
- With HI-Fi speaker, t ensure clear and bright sound quality.
- Support TF/Micro SDD Card
- Dual Power support: Mini USB Charging / BL5C Li-ion battery, smart and fast charging.
- Play music fter pairing with bluetooth device.
-Built in microphone for hands-free phone cell.